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Monday, 27 January 2014

What, no rain?

Even as I right there's a little bit more water descending.  Although, I have to say, today has been glorious, albeit chilly.

The leeks received last week from John Trim have settled in well.  New growth is apparent.  They're sitting on a heat mat which should give them a really sound start.  Today I gave then their first supports in the hope that this will encourage them to grow nice and straight.  The picture shows them next to their shallot bedfellows.

The much talked about 'crook stage' has been reached by my 'Red Baron' onions.  I'm going to give them a few more days before re-planting them into 24 cell modules purely to let a few more germinate.  I want to end up with around 50 plants at plant out time in April, so three modules should be fine.

Garlic is coming on just fine.

For everyday use, I'm growing 'Porbella' leeks this year by way of a change from Musselboro and Autumn Giant, for no other reason than I fancy a change.  A 24-cell module has been sown with 3 seeds per station.

Finally, I've dug 8" deep trenches where I intend to plant my runner beans ans also my show leeks.  I've forked in some highly pungent, well matured cow manure into the bottom of the trenches and back-filled.  I would have rather have done this back in October, but never quite got round to it.  Hopefully, the delay won't make too much difference.


  1. Your plants seem to be getting on well.

    1. Yes, Kelli, not too bad for January. The lack of frost has helped and saved my electricity bill from going into orbit!

      Onion seedlings were moved into 24-cell modules with a little bottom heat yesterday. Just need the slightly warmer than usual weather to hold.