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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Bank Holiday Weekend - Sunday & Monday


Waking up to a glorious Sunday morning without a cloud in the sky was a rare treat, especially as I had 2 days of planting out, sowing and general maintenance planned.  So, after an hour in the woods with the dog and a breakfast of bacon sandwich, the planting out commenced

My Pendle Improved leeks are not as advanced as last year's due to the dreadful winter/early spring weather.  |However, with warmth at last, they're now showing signs of picking up.  I only grow these leeks with a view to getting an entry in the local show, which I've won for the last 2 years.  This year, I've planted out just 12 plants so far, but another 8 are waiting in the wings for any spare space I may be able to find.  Normally, I'd start the blanching process at this stage, but this year I've decided to wait until the plants have put on a bit more weight before fitting anything more than short collars which are only designed to increase the length of the stem.  Hopefully, I'll be able to start the blanching process blanching before the end of May.

My runner beans are the variety 'Enorma', which were good for me last year.  Just 6 plants feeds the 3 of us for most of the summer.  The dark patches behind the plants are where I've scattered a handful of pot marigold seeds saved from last year.

I've got several modules of brassicas on the go.  These are Cauliflower 'Raleigh' and Purple Sprouting.  Cabbage and broccoli plants are going to be a little later this year.

Other than a few lettuce plants and Dwarf French Beans (var. Speedy) I filled my largest raised bed with what I hope will end up as large onions.  The varieties are 'Mammoth Red', Kelsae and a locally saved selection from Kelsae stock that I was given some time ago last autumn.


Woke up to much the same cloudless, but noticeably warmer morning.  The poor old dog had to endure an even earlier outing at 6.30am.  She was not amused until she realised I'd got a load of dog treats in my pocket.  The first big event was that the following bacon sandwich benefited from the addition of a fried egg, thus creating the classic weekend breakfast.  I think I'll designate the bacon sandwich as my signature dish.

Today it was the turn of the smaller 'Vento' and 'Centro' onions to get planted out.  Although I had great hopes for 'Vento', now that the seed is no longer pelleted, again I've been disappointed with the germination rate at about 75% as opposed to 100% for 'Centro'.  So, it's the latter that is better represented.  All in all, I now have around 80 plants in the newest of the raised beds.

Last year, we suffered high winds through much of the earl;y part of the summer which severely damaged the top growth of my onions.  I quickly cobbled together a windbreak for one of the beds which worked well, but those not protected were badly damaged.  The upshot is that I've constructed easily removable protection for the whole crop this year.

New sowings were made of Marrow var. 'Table Dainty', Cabbage var. 'Golden Acre', Lettuce var. 'Little Gem' and more Dwarf Bean 'Speedy'.

Finally, knocked this together.  What is it, I hear you ask.  All will be revealed in about a month or so, at a guess.

And then......

So, that was pretty much it for the long weekend on the plot.  A very pleasing couple of days.

I started these couple of posts with a picture of the plot as it was on Saturday morning.  By last night, it looked like this.  Happy days!

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  1. A beautiful weekend. Your veg look quite established. Shows how much you're working! That wine is well deserved.