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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Here endeth the first month!

From bitterly cold last week to an outside temperature yesterday of 13°C and almost 19 in the greenhouse.  Now, we have torrential rain forecast yet again, but at least it's another bright day today.  The ground is still absolutely sodden so it's still a case of no work being done on the plot.  Actually, there's nothing vital that need my attention just now, but it would be nice to spread the work now rather than have it all build up for the spring.

So, with the above in mind, it was a case of rearranging the greenhouse and sow a few more seeds.

The John Trim leeks have settled in well.  They are now all in the greenhouse on heated mats which should encourage strong root growth.  I also moved all my December sowings of large onions into the greenhouse but am keeping an eye on the nightime temperatures as I don't want them getting too cold.

On the plot, the garlic has emerged unscathed from being covered in 4" snow for a week or so.  All 42 cloves that I planted in October are shooting well, with some varieties really motoring.  The 4 elephant garlic cloves are also doing well, although only 2 out of 3 of my own stock from last year have broken into life.

Back in the early autumn, at the behest of my dearly beloved, I bought half a dozen French Tarragon plug-plants online.  One didn't survive the first week, but the other 5 appeared to be doing quite well until early November when they all appeared to die quite suddenly.  I dumped them next to my compost bin still in their pots and watering tray and forgot about them.  Since that day, the tray has been permanently full of water, they've suffered temperatures down to -5°C, and been covered in snow on 2 occasions, most recently for a full week.  Whilst tidying up yesterday afternoon, I noticed them in their pseudo-aquarium and, to my amazement, they were all showing signs of new growth.  So, once drained, they again reside in the greenhouse drying off!

For the record, unlike the more usually seen Russian Tarragon, French Tarragon is not hardy in the UK........apparently!!!

I also sowed the last of my 'Centro' onion seed having achieved 100% germination from the first sowing.

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